About our Facility

Ivy League Baseball Club is located in the center of right field, giving it a better view of Wrigley Field than any other wrigley rooftop.  Ivy League Baseball Club was built from the ground up for the 2010 season, making it the newest rooftop overlooking Wrigley Field.  The facility offers features and amenities that other wrigley rooftops simply can't offer.  Ivy League Baseball Club is the only wrigley rooftop to feature over 12,000 square feet of space on five levels.

All guests have access to three levels of indoor/outdoor space, including the climate controlled Stadium Club Suite.  Guests also have the option to book their own separate indoor suite.  The Diamond Suite or Legend Suite allows guests to host a truly private event, without the need to rent the entire facility.  In addition, guests that make an exclusive private booking of either the Diamond Suite or Legend Suite have the option to book their own private outdoor section of stadium seats, subject to availability.