Frequently Asked Questions

YES, Unless you have booked an EXCLUSIVE party with us.  We offer many exclusive options.  Entire Building, Diamond Suite or Legend Suite.  Please call for minimums to book these options.
Download the Rental Agreement from the website.   Complete all Pages and Fax. Or Purchase your tickets online with your credit card.
If it Rains you will be entitled to attend the Make Up Game if the Game is rescheduled.  Sorry we do NOT offer Refunds.

If you purchased your tickets online a ticket will be emailed to the email provided.  Your name will also automatically go on our guest list.  If you purchased more than one ticket you do not need to provide the names of the other guests.  The reservation will be in your name. 

ID’s, Showing Age and Picture .
This is case by case.  We ask that you PLEASE email the Final Copy Only.  Names can be changed at the door by your host.
You will enter the rooftop from the front of the building.  It is obvious and you will see the line.  There will also be a Doorman and Signs.
Within 7 days of signing the contract
YES Prices can change.  The prices quoted are the price for the day.  We change our prices based on availability.
YES they are included in the quoted price and include alcohol (beer and wine)
You can view the Full Menu on the website under Menu.
NO. We only have a license for what we have.
It is possible if you have an EXCLUSIVE in the Diamond Suite or Legends Suite and there might be a fee depending on what the change is.
We do not price with that option.  It is possible only if you have an EXCLUSIVE.
Yes, for a fee you can use the Diamond Suite or Legends Suite at Ivy League Baseball Club.
One hour before the scheduled game time, unless you have booked the Diamond Suite or Legends Suite.  Diamond Suite or Legends Suite guests can enter up to 90 minutes prior to the start of the event.
Occasionally YES.  Please check the official website for Updated Game Times.
Yes, in the end of the 7th Inning, unless you book the Diamond Suite and Legends Suite.
Signs can only be hung up if they have our approval and they can NOT be visible from the stadium.
NO (see rental agreement)
You can see the break down of the taxes on our Rental Agreement.
This is an EXAMPLE only.  Some games are more some are less.  Prices vary per game.
We cannot say for sure. Some games go fast and some not. Some people book exclusives and some people book smaller parties. If there is already a small party booked you can not book an exclusive. Our Availability changes everyday and we cannot say for sure if the date you want will sell.
NO, we take the first contract we receive by Fax.
This is rare because we would get one before the other from the fax machine.  But if they were mailed and we got both in the same day then we would take the contract that paid First.
Lowest Priced Games are April, May, Holidays and Sundays.